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03 March 2007 @ 10:57 pm
Blood and Chocolate chapter 3  
Title: Blood and Chocolate
Author: MARIKO
Rating: G
Pairings: RyoxShige/RyoxTego/KoyaxShige/ShigexOhkura
Disclaimer: You know it, I know it. Blah blah blah (:
A/N:  THANKS TOO</a></b></a>futari_sista FOR HELPING ME BETA IT :DD (see, my THANK YOU is big enough). OH, and sorry it took TOO LONG XDDD. I had trouble with the language.
Summary: Shige appears on Ohkura's doorstep looking as terrible as ever.

“Ohkura … help … open … the … door … now ……”,”… please …”, Shige’s voice was weak,
‘Click’, the phone line went dead.

Ohkura almost tripped over his drumsticks while running to the door. “What happened?” Ohkura thought. He doubted that Shige was on his doorsteps; why would he be when he already had Ryo waiting for him at home, and at this time, they would probably be making out on the bed. Ohkura’s heart ached at the thought. He reached the door and quickly unlocked the many locks he had.  Ohkura suddenly heard muffled cries coming from the other side. Ohkura’s hand then started shaking with worry while he fumbled for the keys to the locks. His worried train of thought was interrupted by the presence of Shige standing before him.

Somehow it felt strange. Instead of feeling happy and blissful due to the presence of Shige, he felt concerned. Concerned because the Shige he was facing now was not the Shige he always faced during work; it wasn’t the Shige that always greeted him with a cheery smile and a punch on the arm whenever they met. Instead, this Shige looked terrible. His eyes were puffy and swollen, his lips and nose were red, and mucus was slowly flowing out of his nose in a rather pathetic and sickening way. Shige had his hand over his mouth trying to end his sobs that were continuously choking him and making it hard for him to breathe even though he knew it was of no use while his other hand was constantly wiping the tears that were flowing out of his red swollen eyes and streaming down his soft pale cheeks. Ohkura had to hold back his fingers which were dying to caress Shige’s cheeks and to wipe away his tears.

“Ohkura-kun ...” Shige took one step towards Ohkura and all of a sudden grabbed him and hugged him tightly. Too tightly, it was almost suffocating him. “Ohkura-kun …”, he repeatedly whispered Ohkura’s name. Ohkura stood there stoned. He didn’t know what he should be feeling at the moment. He was feeling confused and alarmed as to why Shige suddenly hugged him so tightly and at the same time, pleased because he loved the feeling of Shige’s hand wrapped around his waist and his body pressed too tightly against his own while hot wet tears were seeping through the soft and thin material he was wearing, wetting his skin underneath.

Ohkura was too busy figuring out whether the Shige that was hugging him was true or just an illusion that he didn’t notice Shige loosening the grip on his waist. By the time he did notice, Shige’s hands were already swinging lifelessly against his sides. Shige was slowly falling, away from Ohkura’s reach. Ohkura was just in time to grab Shige before he hit his head on the cold hard floor. Ohkura slowly bent down and cradled Shige in his arms. He then carried him to his room.

He approached the bed slowly and gently laid down the unconscious figure of Shige on his rumpled bed. Shige sighed softly as his head lolled to the side, turning itself to face the now crouching Ohkura. Ohkura stared lovingly and admiringly at Shige's face. The light from the lamp reflected of Shige's eyelids. Ohkura's eye's traced the contours of Shige's reddened lips. Ohkura marveled at the way Shige's hair curled softly around his ears and how he looks gorgeous even with his eyes closed. Ohkura reached out to caress Shige's smooth cheeks, hesitating before his fingers touched cold skin.

Ohkura then laid himself down beside the sleeping figure. Ohkura was figuring out what happened to Shige when he suddenly felt warm hands wrap itself around his waist. "Arigatou." Shige's voice was still weak, but it could be heard clearly in the silent room, his voice echoing off the bare walls. Ohkura smiled and the room ceased its noise, lest the silent breaths that escaped the two on the bed.

Over at Ryo's apartment, dinner was already set on the table. Slowly turning cold. Ryo waited patiently in the living room for the familiar voice to call out the offhanded greeting he always welcomed. The clock on the wall continued to tick.

Well, how is it? PLEASE COMMENT :DDD

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き季: SubaruYassukirei_kisetsu on March 3rd, 2007 11:48 pm (UTC)
Shige~! Mou~ Yay for Ohkura <3

That last part with Ryo feels foreshadowing @_@

Looking forward to the next part ^-^
Francescafrancescaflora on March 4th, 2007 04:15 am (UTC)
ok fine.
ill say.
good job.
can't wait for the next one. XDDD

you make me feel so eruegh.
Can i be ohkura.!?
oh_mariko: shigeSLEEPING :DDoh_mariko on March 5th, 2007 08:02 am (UTC)
Francescafrancescaflora on March 5th, 2007 12:55 pm (UTC)
ohh wth.
even if you say i cant.
iam still ohkura.
(Deleted comment)
heppysnowy_yuki on March 5th, 2007 10:58 am (UTC)
ryo waiting for nothing?!
yay for shigexohkura.. ^^