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22 May 2007 @ 07:52 pm
one shot  

Title: I love you, forever.
Pairing: Ryokura
Rating: Fluff?
Genre: One-shot
Disclaimer: I WISH.
A/N: AHHH. This is actaully dedicated for Ohkura's birthday. BUT IM TOO LATE. *blames it becuase i have no computer*


Ohkura was woken up by the loud music of his cell phone. The melodious tune of Osaka Rainy Blues floated through the room, filling the silence. The familiar melodious yet irritating rhythm greeted him as he sat up groggily. His hair was messy, pajamas crinkled. He tried to open his eyes but had to immediately shut it back due to the bright and blinding morning light that flooded the room, giving it life. Ohkura reached for his cell phone and flipped it open.


"Moshi Moshi!"


"HEY HEY HEY! THE BIRTHDAY BOY FINALLY ASNWERED EHH? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", an extremely loud voice came from the other line. It was none other than his band mate, Subaru. His other band mates were in the background all wishing him happy birthday. Ohkura grinned.




"Ehhh? What time is it now?"


"Go check it yourself blockhead. I’m not going to do everything for you just because its YOUR BIRTHDAY! Geez. Quick get ready, you can’t run away from practice."


Click. The phone line died. And he was once again greeted by silence. He glanced at the clock on his bedroom wall. '10.00am'.




He spent the whole of yesterday night counting down to his birthday with the cell phone beside him. At 12.00am Yassu text him a birthday message, followed by his Mother. He waited, refused to shut his eyes until he got a text message from Ryo. But slowly, his eyes gave up on him and he finally fell asleep after three hours.


Ohkura checked his phone after his band mates put down. His heart filled with hope when he saw he had an unread message. But it sunk in disappointment again when he found out it was just Junta, telling him the other juniors wished him happy birthday. He then realized he was too selfish, he has a whole day ahead of him, and he was sure Ryo should at least call him since his not coming back to Osaka until the next weekend. Ryo wouldn’t forget him would he? And he couldn’t sit in his room waiting for his phone to vibrate. Because that would be rather pathetic, and he has work to do anyway. He got out of bed slowly, taking advantage of what Hina said and got ready for work.



Ohkura entered the familiar doors to the Kanjani8 practice room and was greeted one by one by the members. Each greeting filling his chest with happiness. He love Kanjani8. They’re like a family. He had no reason to dislike his band or his band mates. He felt welcomed just by walking in the room. Maybe it’s the magical atmosphere that enveloped the room or the members, he really didn’t know. But he always looks forward for Kanjani8 band practices. And he loves practice more when Ryo's there. That's why he’s a little irritated that NewS back. Because Ryo only comes back to Osaka twice a month.


"Okay everyone, Ohkura's here. Practice practice, we can celebrate Ohkura's birthday after practice since were finishing EARLY today", Subara explained to all the other members.


Ohkura made sure he had his phone in his pocket before adjusting himself behind the drum sets, hoping his phone would vibrate while he was practicing. With the drumsticks in his hand, he started beating the drums rhythmically, filling the room with the most loudest but extraordinary sound, putting him in a trance. But never once did his cell phone vibrated.




"You sure you don’t want to follow?", Hina asked.


"Its your birthday you know? Its okay if you don’t have money, it’s our treat. You don’t have to pay back."


"I’m really sorry, but I slept really late last night, and I’m tired after practice. Gomen ne."


"Well, if you insist. Take care okay?"


"Yeah, I will. Thanks guys."


Ohkura just finished practice. His heart felt heavy, but empty. He didn’t receive a text message from Ryo. He thought about it for a long time. He tried to find all possible reason why Ryo didn’t wish him happy birthday. But it all didn’t make any sense.


'Ryo promised', Ohkura thought. And it was true. Ryo promised him. He doesn’t look like someone who would keep his promises, but he wouldn’t forget this promise and HIS BIRTHDAY too. Ohkura was sure.


It was just 9.00pm after they finished practice. Ohkura decided to walk home and not take the bus. He wanted to pass the time slowly. He knew by the time he reached home, he would collapse on the bed. He was still hoping he would receive a message or a phone call from Ryo. He let the cold wind caress his cheek gently as he walked home. The night draws near and the only companion he has was his shadow. Suddenly he felt lonely.




Time passed rather fast, because before he knew it, he was standing before his apartment door. Ready to be greeted by the lonely cold and still atmosphere of his home. He fumbled for the keys in his bag and unlocked the door slowly, wasting more time. The silence and awkwardness draped over him like a cloak. The only sound he could hear was the monotonous ticking of his wristwatch irritating him, trying to let him know that it was almost midnight. His heart felt heavy, he refused to remind himself that the sooner it got to midnight, the more he has to accept the fact that Ryo completely forgot about his birthday and his breaking his promise. Tears welled up in his eyes just thinking about it.


He twisted the doorknob and entered the house. Wiping his tears while he did when he suddenly he felt strong arms over his body, hugging him and soft, wet lips pressed against his cheeks.


"Happy Birthday Tacchon", a familiar voice said. The voice that Ohkura has longed to hear the whole day. He couldnt see in the dark, but he knew it was Ryo. He recognize the voice anywhere.


"Ryo?", he whispered, trying to stifle his sobs in a failed attempt. He struggled to find the light switch in the dark. But before he did, the room was bathed in yellow light, coming from the ceiling. Ohkura turned to find Ryo standing behind him, grinning. Ryo hugged Ohkura and his heart was filled with too much happiness, Ohkura burst into tears.


"Baka, you thought I forgot did you?"




"Why? Don’t you trust me?"


"Sorry", Ohkura wanted to tell Ryo how he waited for Ryo's call but his uncontrollable sobs stopped him from doing so.


"It's okay, I’m thankful enough that I’m here with you, and you’re here in my arms. I’ve longed for it since i went to Tokyo. Tacchon, i miss you and i love you, probably more then you ever imagined. Its mad enough i didn’t get to see you for a long time. And you think i would break a promise and forget your birthday? I'd rather die."


The long string of words that escaped Ryo's lips filled the emptiness in his heart. The sincerity in his voice struck the chords deep within him, adding on more to the tears that hasn’t stop rolling down his cheeks. Ryo slowly loosened his tight embrace and wiped Ohkura’s tears away.


"Dont cry, baby. Im here, what else do you want?". Ohkura grinned at Ryo's ego, making Ryo more real.


"Oh, and i have something for you".


Ohkura observed Ryo reach out for his bag, and when he did he noticed how tired Ryo looked. He had terrible eyebags under his eyes, the way he fumbled through his bag showed how obviously exhausted he was. Ohkura knew him well enough. But even so, Ryo smiled and never tried to show how beat and exhausted he was. Ryo took out a paper card decorated with coloured markers all over.




Ohkura never felt so touched in his life. He stared at the card over and over again, his eyes started to sting, and tears started to flow down his cheeks once again. He didn’t understand what he felt at the moment. Never has someone cared about him so much. Ohkura could tell how much time and effort was put into a simple card. A card for him.


"I’m sorry i couldnt get you anything. Sorry if it’s not much. Would you believe me if i said i was too busy?"


"I think it’s the best present. I love it. I really do,"


"You do?"


"I do. Very much. Thank you".


Ohkura stepped towards Ryo and lowered his head. He placed his hands on Ryo's cheeks and pressed his own lips on Ryo's. His lips was trembling so much while he kissed. The hot wet tears refused to stop flowing down his cheeks no matter how many times he wiped it off.


"Thank you Ryo. You’re the best birthday present ever".


Ohkura was now in bed, with Ryo in his arms. They've been in that position for almost forever. Enjoying each others presence, and listening to their breaths.






"Thank you"


"For what?"


"For coming all the way to Osaka even when you’re busy"


"Oh, that’s nothing. It’s because i love you, that’s why"


Ohkura stayed still to play back the words Ryo said. Repeating itself in his head.






"I love you."


But Ryo was already fast asleep. But Ohkura didn’t care. For everybody else, they expect to spend the whole day with their boyfriends. Expecting their boyfriends to be one of the first people to wish them happy birthday. But Ohkura was different. Spending the last minutes of his birthday, with Ryo sleeping in his arms was all he ever wanted. To him, this was the best birthday ever.

miss_phuamiss_phua on May 24th, 2007 01:38 pm (UTC)
I'm not a fan of K8 but yeah,the fanfic---->XD
sarapinpinsarapinpin on May 24th, 2007 02:14 pm (UTC)
it's sweet~~ ^w^
shiny_satsumashiny_satsuma on May 24th, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
^_________^ like candy floss in writing XD
kyoko_godaikunkyoko_godaikun on May 24th, 2007 04:34 pm (UTC)
I really love this story. so good. so nice of Ryo. I adore Ryo/Ohkura. I'm adding it to my memories!
whited_79whited_79 on May 25th, 2007 07:37 am (UTC)
ah sweet! OhRyo or RyoKura is like my 3rd fav OTP of K8 (after Subassan & MaruBaru), so love the fluff...:) OhRyo has been too angsty lately *sigh*