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21 June 2007 @ 03:56 pm
title:dying is torturous but this is worst
summary:futari_sistaz was supposed to beta this for me..i'm still not sure if she did though..o.O
anyway..in this fic..Tego watches his life flash in front of his eyes as he faces.."death"
Its kind of crappy..i just thought it was cute..hope you like it!=D

It was supposed to be a normal mechanism.

Just something that you do naturally.

Without any conscious of that action at all.



Tegoshi was having difficulty with just that.

No matter how hard he tries to breath, no oxygen would enter his lungs.

Even as he breathed out, the hot air was trapped to his face.


Tegoshi had tried to move.

But, he had trouble with that too.

It was as if his muscles and bones weigh a hundred tons.

Or just, a hundred tons is weighing down on him.

Not a single limb of his could move.


Tegoshi had tried to scream.

But he knew all that came out was a silent muffle.

A silent muffle that nobody could hear.


Tegoshi had tried to open his eyes.

But, all that he sees was darkness.

Darkness that engulfed him.

There was fear. Fear that Tegoshi felt.

It crept through his veins.


Tegoshi could see it.

His past,

His whole life,

Flashing behind his closed eyelids.

Just like a home video on repeat.


Tegoshi’s body was tired now.

It had struggled too much.

His breathing began to slow down.

Tegoshi clung to the last few oxygenated blood

His lungs had.

It was painful. Too painful.


Tegoshi could see them now.

Each and every one of his beloved friends.

Their smiling faces flashed one by one in front of him.


Yamapi, his favourite senpai.

Shige, his best friend

Koyama, his big brother

Ryo, his friend.

Massu..His dearest Massu…

They were all waving goodbye to him.

Tegoshi wanted to scream, if he could.

He didn’t want to go.

It wasn’t his time to go..

Not now..

Not like this..

In such confusing circumstances..

He didn’t want to leave..



Tegoshi knew he had to accept his fate.

That unfortunate fate that fell before him.


He says a silent prayer for his family, his friends,

For himself and for Massu.


*please...please take care of my massu..*


The blood had started to pound in his head now. It was starved of oxygen.

His ears were ringing, as if screaming in protest.

Tegoshi knew,

His time was up.




It was sudden.


He felt odd movements on his body at first.

In an instant, the black blanket of darkness was ripped from him. Completely.

It was as if somebody shoved all the oxygen in the world to his face.

His lungs filled up rapidly,

Trying hard to repay the oxygen debt.

Tegoshi gasped for every inch of air.


He was confused more than ever now.

As his eyes tried to register the blinding white lights---------


     “Are you up yet,teshiii-kunnnn????wakey wakeyyyyyy!!!”

A rather chubby boy pouted puppy-like beside him,

Hugging a white pillow to his chest.


Realization slapped Tegoshi harshly across the face




                                                                                                XXXthe endXXX

Thanks for reading~~
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