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05 July 2007 @ 12:29 pm
Inhuman Beauty  
Title: Inhuman Beauty
Pairings: RyoUchi
Rating: G?
Disclaimer: i wish
A/N: My love for vamires :)) Tee hee. Twilight got me into this fic. DO READ IT :)

There's going to be a new kid joining the class. Uchi heard his classmates talking about it. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt a rush of excitement. Though he don’t know why. His mind was full of thoughts and questions, demanding it's answers. He took his time entering the class, walking ever so slowly. But it seems as if time purposely slowed down, no matter how slowly he walked, he still had so much time before homeroom. Uchi silently entered his class, and he was greeted by violent sounds and the, too bright, morning sunlight. The screaming and shouting of his classmates was mixed with the banging of table and chairs, stomping, scurrying and shuffling of feet’s, it wasn’t a nice sound at all, it easily made Uchi confused and his head would start hurting by struggling to make out the sounds. Uchi sat quietly in his sit, letting his thoughts wander about his head, staring at the ceiling clock, wishing he could speed up time. And finally the bell rung and his classmates went back to their sits, rather noisily.


It seems like eternity before his homeroom teacher arrived, with a stranger. The whole class fell silent, all eyes was on the stranger. The stranger had his head facing the ground, not picking it up even for a second. He had his bag slinged across his chest, his long and dark bangs covered his forehead and his eyes, which made it hard for Uchi to see his face. Uchi kept his gaze on him, longing for him to look up so he could finally see his face. Strangely enough, it was as if the stranger could read his mind, because he slowly lifted up his head and stared straight at Uchi. The whole class gasped, - it seems like the whole class too wanted to see his face - . Uchi sat there stunned, unable to breath, choked by the sudden atmosphere of the room. It lasted only for a moment, the stranger turned his head to the back of the class and stared at it, hard, as if there was something that he was interested in.


Uchi struggled to breath, his mind playing back the memory of the piercing glare he received from the mysterious stranger. The stranger’s eyes, filled with hatred and rage, staring straight at him as if he despised Uchi form the very bottom of his soul, though Uchi had no idea why. His stare was so hard, piercing and concentrated, The stare was like a message, a warning. But Uchi didnt even have the slightest clue as to what was going through his head. Uchi looked up to find his class dumbfounded. There was something about him that made the whole class hold their gaze, not even looking away for a second. His classmates looked hypnotized, he slowly gathered up his courage to look up at his new classmate.


He was beautiful. Inhumanly beautiful. He had a sort of charm that enchanted the whole class when he looked up, Uchi was lost in his eyes that he didn’t notice how dazzling and gorgeous he looked.


He had pale, translucent, marble like skin, Uchi could see the purple bluish colored veins showing off stunningly beneath them, ugly, yet beautiful. His features were smooth and delicate, so extraordinary it leaves everyone wondering if he was human. He had a sculpted body, even under the ugly uniform he was wearing, he looked gorgeous, like a runway model, leaving whoever who even just glanced at his direction, entrance. Uchi felt his heart beating against his chest, pounding so hard, if not for the ribs that protects it, Would eventually burst out of his chest. His eyes was fixed on the inhumanly stranger which was given the name "Ryo", by the teacher. Without noticing it, Ryo was sauntering towards the empty desk beside him. He slowly pulled out the chair and sat on it.


All through out class, Uchi couldnt help glancing at Ryo. He noticed the whole class did too; Ryo just gave off an aura of mysteriousness that leaves everyone racking their brains to find out more about him. During lessons, there would be murmuring and whispering. Everyone except the teachers noticed how stunningly beautiful Ryo looked, like fire in the dark, lighting up the whole place, changing both the atmosphere and how it looks. Even though the almost soft murmuring was audibly clear enough for Ryo to hear, he wasnt bothered by it. Instead, he kept his eyes fixed to the front of the class, hands propped up, fingers just below his red, cold lips.


Uchi’s heart skipped a beat. It was strange though, Uchi find himself for the first time in his life, interested at something else rather than lessons. His head just started filling itself with more and more questions. Ryo remained in that position the whole time, Uchi marveled at how he looked like a statue, - the kind people would pay millions for, the one that would sit itself in the middle of a beautiful garden with flowers and fountains surrounding it, except better - sculpted from the finest marble, and it's alive and breathin -- Uchi's thoughts came to a halt, he noticed that Ryo's chest didn’t move in and out like a normal human being, it was just there, not moving, immobile. He wasn’t breathing. Fear was gnawing away in him, leaving him visibly shaken, when he noticed a smirk slowly forming on Ryo's face. "He's breathing you idiot. Stop staring at him you blockhead. Concentrate", Uchi thought to himself.




Recess. Uchi hated it. No, he loathes it. Uchi wasn't popular in school, and he had no friends. No one wanted to hang out with him. They called him wierd, since sometimes, out of the blue, he would start coughing violently and throwing up all over the place, and he would be sent to the sickbay. Since than people had kept thier distance from him. During the first days of high school, he was beaten up occassionally. But he had grown quite used to it even thoough it rarely happens now. He used to spend most of his time during recess in the school library, seeking solace in books, but it wasnt any use. He ended up reading all the books in the library, and he got bored of it. Nowadays, he just spend his time on the rooftop, staring at the blue sky and how it was almost magical how the clouds hover up in the sky, and how the sun's heat and brightness shone strongly on him.


It was like any normal days, just him, the clouds and the brilliant blue sky, bathed in the bright sunlight. Uchi lifted up his hands, imagining he could capture the clouds in his hands. The strong cold wind caress his cheeks softly, his uniform flapping in the wind, The sound was music to his ears. His mind was occupied with all kind of things when suddenly, he sensed a presence. Someone was behind him, staring at him. He ignored it even so, since he knew it was just going to be the bullies that's going to beat him up. He waited patiently, thinking about what was going to happen when the bullies do get to him, nothing. Something inside him knew it wasn’t the bully, it was something worst, his mind was telling him to turn, look behind, acknowledge the presence, while his heart was strongly disagreeing. It was hard debating between those two. But in the end, he chose his mind. He stood up slowly, taking his time, and when he finally turned, he gasped, and his body automatically stopped functioning. He stood there stoned, like an ugly statue if compared to the one in front of him.


There standing right before his eyes was Ryo, staring at him with eyes so cold, so fierce it could kill. Uchi’s legs was rooted to the ground. Something inside him was screaming at him, demanding him to run away from where he was, but he just stood there like an idiot, eyes locked to Ryo's dark ones. He regretted being too weak, obeying his eyes instead of himself, because he wasnt prepared for what was coming next. Before he could even move his eyes, he found himself pinned against the barbed wire by such strong force, the loud sound of Uchi's back crashing against the barbed wire echoed throughout the opened air, breaking the once still and peaceful silence. Ryo's bare hands were wrapped around Uchi's neck, cold and hard.


"Why were you looking at me in class?", Ryo growled, his grip tightened.


"-------", Uchi struggled to answer, but the strong hands on his neck didnt allow it. His face slowly turning red.


"Never, ever stare at me like that again in class, or i am going to fucking kill you, you hear that?", Ryo shouted.


He loosened his grip on Uchi's throat and Uchi fell painfully on his back. Ryo left in a split second, leaving Uchi visibly shaken.


He didnt understand what made Ryo so mad, he could feel the anger in his eyes burning his skin . Uchi really find it wierd. Never has he witness such strenght, almost killing him. He knew, even the toughest guy in school that has beaten him up always didnt have that much strength.


"What the hell is he?", Uchi thought. He knew, that whatever it is, Ryo is definitely not human.




shikurai17shikurai17 on July 5th, 2007 05:49 am (UTC)
Hi, I read your fic. It sounds interesting. I can't wait for the next update.

But there's something that confuses me. Ohkura's name keeps on popping up. Like here for example
"Ohkura's thoughts came to a halt, " and it happens here again "Ryo's bare hands were wrapped around Ohkura's neck, cold and hard." Did you really mean Uchi?

oh_marikooh_mariko on July 5th, 2007 06:22 am (UTC)
Yhea yeah. GOMENASAI! IT WAS REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE UCHI. XDDD. *hides* When i first started typing the fic, the paring was supposed to be Ryokura. But then, i figured Uchi best suited the role. XDDD So i did i quick change. GOMEN NASAI!
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