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20 November 2007 @ 03:05 pm
One Shot?/Drabble?  
 Title: Bubblebaths
Fandom: KANJANI8
Pairing: RyoKura
Rating: PG 
Warnings: You wont belive how ADORABLE Ohkura can get XD
Disclaimer: Do we have to repeat this everytime?
Author's Note:  Okay, this is a fic made by both oh_mariko/ME and mitsukonee/Marini. It was 3am in the morning in SINGAPORE and 5am? 6am in australia when we came up with this fic. and I  FORCED MARINI TO THINK UP OF SOME SORYLINE *laughs* gomen ne. So we came up with a PAIRING, and Marini randomly said, "BUBBLEBATH!". and here.


‘Ne, and remember the time I poured my hot ramen on your lap?’ Cracked Ryo.

‘Oi!’ Yelled Ohkura. ‘Back then, you were such an evil little piece of…’

Ryo knew what was coming and immediately covered his ears. ‘La la laaaaa, I’m not listeniiiiing, laa la blaaaaaah.’ This continued for what seemed like a very long time.

‘Ryo! Just admit you were the face of evil when you were a kid. And you still are.’

‘Yeah, whatever,’ Ryo rolled his eyes. ‘Remember the time your ass got stuck in the swing and Yassu…--’

‘-…Eh, eh ahem! Remember how we use to have bubble baths!?’ interrupted Ohkura, relieved at Ryo’s half finished Oh-so embarrassing reminisce .

‘Oh. Yeah. I never really liked them,’ replied Ryo, quietly.

‘Huh? Y-you mean…those times…you never enjoyed?’ Ohkura felt hurt.

‘Mm. Not really. I mean…’ Ryo tried to finish, but Ohkura turned his back against him and crossed his arms, pouting.

‘Are? Ohkura! I’m sorry! Don’t be like that!’ Ryo jumped on his back. The couch lost its balance as the two boys toppled in a heap on the ground, followed by the red velvet sofa, landing inches away from them.

They lay there, Ryo’s body ontop of Ohkura’s, laughing hysterically.

‘Then, lets have a bath. It’ll be just like old times!’ grinned Ohkura. Ryo hesitated and hopped off the anxious drummer.

‘Umm, I have to go the bathroom,’ he said.

‘Oh come on, it’ll be funnnnn!’ Ohkura begged.

‘Tacchon, no. I’m quite tired. It’s 2 in the morning. Talking about childhood memories is tiring you know.’ Ryo sighed to himself. He had to give his boyfriend any excuse not to get wet in a cluster of immature bubbles.

‘Fine then!’ Pouted Ohkura. ‘Go to sleep you…you, ramen pouring guy.’


What’s with that sweet scent?

‘I’M HERE! OHAYO, RYO-CHAN!’ He giggled cheerfully.


‘Its…2:30am.’ Replied Ohkura, looking at the Pikachu clock hanging above the clouded mirror. ‘Bubbles, Ryo-chan! Buuubbblleess.’ he sang.

‘Eh? But that’s the time I fell asleep. OMG. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I was sleeping, Ohkura. You don’t wake up a grumpy Nishikido whilst sleeping. NEVER. YOU FREAKIN’ KNOW THAT…’ Ryo suddenly paused to take in the feel of Ohkura’s naked body, skin rubbing smoothly against his own.

‘You mean…’ Ohkura’s smile turned upside down, ‘…you’re not having fun?’


Ohkura hung his head in dissappointment. Ryo thought he saw a tear fall down his cheek. Or maybe it was just the bubbles? No, it was definitely a tear.

‘Oh, Ohkura. I’m sorry.’ He grabbed a handful of bubbles and gently blew it towards him. He watched in hope as the bubbles floated to the other side of the bath.

‘ITE ITE! OW! OW, OW, OW!’ wailed Ohkura. Pain echoed in his voice. ‘OOOWWWWW!’

‘EH?! OHKURA! WHAT HAPPENED?!’ Ryo’s voice rose with panic.

‘MY EYE! MY EEYYYEEE!! OWWW!’ His yells turned into heavy sobs. ‘YOU BLEW BUBBLES IN MY EYES! YOU!’

‘Let me see!’ demanded Ryo.

Ryo gently lifted up Ohkura’s face to study his eyes when he felt a something soft and warm pressing against his lips. He recognized it immediately. Ohkura’s lips. ‘I’m the one that’s sorry’, Ohkura murmured an apology. ‘Eh? What-...’ but Ryo was cut off.

‘I’m so sorry, I just wanted to do it again. I really enjoyed those childhood times. They really made our bond stronger, those bubble baths. And since we’re so busy with our work these days, I just…you know. I'm sorry for waking you up.’ Ryo's heart warmed at every word Ohkura murmured. He pulled Ohkura in for a hug. With Ohkura’s head against his chest, he whispered his response, 'I’m sorry too okay? But you know I’m cranky when I just wake up. I apologize for screaming at you". Kissing his head, he wiped the bubbles off Ohkura’s tied up fringe and hugged him tighter. ‘Now I’m in the mood to play with bubbles’, Giggled Ryo. He grabbed a handful of foam and slapped it over Ohkura’s face. Ohkura giggled in return, ‘I'm always in the mood’.

Thought Ryo. He dared to open his eyes, but regretted it the moment he spotted his clothes in a messy pile at the corner of the bathroom. ‘OHKURA! WHERE THE HELL AM I?’ bellowed Ryo. He was wide awake now, suddenly aware of his surroundings. A voice muffled by white foam responded to his yell. ‘Quit playing, Ohkura. Where the hell are you?’ Suddenly a mass of bubbles began rising, followed by the head of a satisfied Ohkura, up to the surface of the bubbles.


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zaq: OREOzaq_in_chill on November 20th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
yeah noticed that JE really likes to put their juniors in bubble baths in the past... hahaha...